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Durable and safe corrosion protection for your equipment

Experts in anti-rust packaging and corrosion protection solutions. Australian Inhibitor offers unparalleled protection solutions for your equipment and products.


We provide unsurpassed corrosion protection solutions to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Our vapour corrosion inhibitors (VCI) form a physical hydrophobic layer that prevents water & moisture from directly contacting the metal surface. This allows your metal products to last longer and maintain the highest quality, whether they are on the shop floor, in storage or in the field. Our innovative anti corrosion packaging solutions will also keep your products and equipment in pristine condition during extended storage and transport times. Whether you are transporting art or military equipment, it’s important to keep it protected from external environmental elements.



Preservative foils protect goods from environmental deterioration and are great for long term preservation. Their ability to wrap around products means they are perfect for wrapping custom shapes, whilst providing exceptional protection from moisture, water, oxygen and other environmental factors.

Premium Metal Guard VCI Sheet

VCI Film

VCI film offers superior corrosion protection solutions against moisture, salt and other contaminants. It is strong, tear and puncture resistant.

MM70 VCI Paper

VCI Paper

Paper treated with volatile corrosion inhibitors for the protection of metal components during storage and transportation.

vci oils coatings

VCI Oils Coatings

Oil-based formulations containing VCIs, with solutions available for the protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Coatings can provide an impenetrable moisture barrier and rust inhibitor.

VCI emitters

VCI Emitters

VCI protection in a safe, clean, dry and easy to use format, perfect for electronic equipment and protection against microscopic moisture particles.


Shrink Films

Shrink films, when heated, shrink tightly around the packaged product, providing strong physical barrier protection and tamper-evident security.

Rust Remover

Rust Remover

Rust/ Corrosion Removal. Water based, biodegradable, reusable and with a neutral PH. This noncorrosive solution requires no scrubbing and eliminates the need for other processes such as sand blasting, grinding or harsh chemicals. The unique formulation bonds only to rust and will not affect iron/metal compositions, plating or non-oxide coating.

Mil desiccants


Desiccants are hydroscopic materials that are used to absorb moisture from surrounding air, preventing damage to products during storage or transportation. They help maintain ambient conditions and reduce humidity within a storage space.

packaging solutions

Packaging Solutions

Our customised packaging solutions include additional layers of protection to not only protect from external elements but ensure your good remain stable and secure throughout any transportation journey.


Spray Painting worker 


The built in corrosion protection capabilities of VCI help metal components maintain exceptional quality. At Australian Inhibitor, our array of corrosion protection solutions will keep your equipment in pristine condition by preventing rust and damage from external conditions.

protective customised packaging solutions


Our anti corrosion packaging solutions incorporate a variety of materials including cardboard, speciality foams and timber platforms to prevent slip and movement during the transportation journey, whilst catering a custom solution to the physical form of the product.


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Corrosion Prevention

Exposure to external elements can drastically reduce the quality of metallic products over time. Contamination from salt, moisture, water and other properties can cause corrosion and rust. Luckily, Australian Inhibitor provide a variety of chemical and physical barrier generating products.

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Packaging Solutions

Rest assured you will be liaising with the best corrosion protection packaging manufacturer & inovative protective customised packaging solutions when you work with Australian Inhibitor. Our products have received the prestigious ‘Global Award for Packaging Materials’ on multiple years – 2006, 2011, 2013/2014

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In-House Lab Testing

Our laboratory in Dandenong, Melbourne is home to cutting edge corrosion prevention technology including a variety of custom built test chambers measuring everything from strength & impact, to temperature, humidity and surface resistance. This is how we can ensure all our corrosion protection solutions remain of the highest quality. We can assist with dangerous goods testing & approvals.

corrosion protection packaging


Celebrating over 65 years of providing innovative anti corrosion packaging solutions for a variety of essential Australian industries. Our array of VCI products include foils, films, wraps, oils, aerosols and more to ensure your equipment or products have the highest quality corrosion protection solutions available.

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