The Defence Department and those countless businesses that work to support our military know the rigorous levels of quality required. Stringent protocols and narrow margins of error go hand in hand when lives are on the line.

Australian Inhibitor rose to the challenges of providing military grade VCI protection in 2008. Our FERROFOIL is produced in Australia and carries a NATO stock number proving the quality of the product we offer. Ferro Foil offers extraordinarily high barrier properties and is trusted by the Australian Military for the preservation of machinery and artillery with multiple applications running for over a decade.

Supporting our Mil-spec foils are a range of other Australian Inhibitor products ranging from anti-static wraps, reinforced foils and mouldable wraps, through to high performance desiccants all carrying Mil-spec approval. Australian Inhibitor can provide bulk stock or custom build to your exacting specifications.

With a range of monitoring aids both visual and electronic, you can have full confidence in our preservation solution.


No matter the medium, Australian Inhibitor understand the importance of preserving art and artefacts. Using the knowledge gleamed from our high barrier protection films and foils.

Australian Inhibitor have developed a specialised Preservation foil, with near impervious barrier properties.

If required Australian Inhibitor can provide you with a custom storage solution coupling our preservation foil with our range of desiccants and one way valves that can help you reach and maintain your desired atmospheric conditions.


Medical equipment is by its very nature highly honed, engineered and designed. The complexity of this type of equipment, the care and precision with which it needs to be stored makes Australian Inhibitors range of Barrier Foils the ideal packaging medium.

Comprehensive design capability and strong alliances with industrial packaging providers and freight forwarders means that we can provide a complete turnkey solution.


Although Automotive does not hold the same presence in Australian Industry as it once did, automotive and its many unique and demanding variables have been a cornerstone of the Australian Inhibitor story to date.

The need for extended service life, mixed metals, sharp studs, and a fast paced production line will not be uncommon to a host of other industries.

As the Automotive Industry in Australian changes, Australian Inhibitor will continue to offer a range of technical solutions across our full range on packaging mediums. Australian Inhibitor support the car companies directly as well as their many tiers of supply.


Australian Inhibitor work hand in hand with Engineers and workshops across Australia and beyond. Niche business and specialised fabrication are our forte.

From the simplest of requests to the most complex of projects, employing our vast range of materials and in depth knowledge we will have the right solution for you. When corrosion prevention and product protection matter, Australian Inhibitor are an extension of your team.


On shore or off, in the most demanding of environments Australian Inhibitors range of barrier protectants are servicing heavy industry.

If you are mining with heavy machinery or piping and pumping oil and gas, Australian Inhibitor have the corrosion prevention products you need.

Trusted in your industry sector for decades, our full product offering will provide a solution to meet the unique demands of each & every project.


The nerve system of machinery, the electronics are vital. At Australian Inhibitor we understand this. Our VCI’s can be trusted to protect the electrical conductivity of all your contact points.

Australian Inhibitor’s range of VCI additives will prevent the loss of technically important surface properties of metallic componentry.

We also offer military certified ESD Antistatic foil offering physical protection as well as a means of neutralising harmful static electricity.