corrosion inhibitor military


Stringent protocols and narrow margins of error go hand in hand when lives are on the line. The Defence Department and businesses that support our military maintain rigorous levels of quality control to ensure all equipment is always in top tier working order.

Australian Inhibitor rose to the challenges of providing military grade VCI protection in 2008. Our Australian made and produced FERROFOIL military corrosion inhibitors carry a NATO stock number proving the quality of the product we offer. Ferro Foil offers extraordinarily high barrier properties and is trusted by the Australian Military for the preservation of machinery and artillery with multiple applications running for over a decade.

Supporting our military specified (Mil-Spec) foils are a range of other corrosion inhibitor military products produced and distributed by Australian Inhibitor. We supply anti-static wraps, reinforced foils, mouldable wraps, and high-performance desiccants all carrying Mil-spec approval.

With a range of monitoring aids both visual and electronic, you can have full confidence in a corrosion inhibitor military solution from Australian Inhibitor. We cater for bulk stock orders or custom builds to your exact specifications.

heavy industry 


VCI barrier protectants are an essential tool for heavy industry applications, where expensive machinery and equipment must be protected from corrosion during storage and transportation. By using VCI barrier protectants, heavy industries can reduce repair and replacement costs, and increase the lifespan of their equipment, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Australian Inhibitor’s solutions have been trusted in heavy industry sectors for decades. We cater for mining, infrastructure, manufacturing, production industries and more. Our full product offering will provide a solution to meet the unique demands of each & every project.

fine arts 


Fine art and ancient artefacts require exceptionally specific conservation conditions to ensure the quality of the work remains pristine for generations to come. Given the nature of materials used to create paintings, pottery, and other historically significant works, they require precise environmental considerations during presentation, storage, and transport stages.

Australian Inhibitor have developed a specialised Preservation foil – with near impervious barrier properties, to help protect artwork and artefacts from environmental factors such as light, heat, salt, moisture and water which can quickly corrode and deteriorate historical objects.

Australian Inhibitor offers custom storage solutions. Coupling our preservation foil with our range of desiccants and one-way valves can help you reach and maintain your desired atmospheric conditions.

forensic worker 


Medical equipment is highly honed, engineered and designed. The complexity of this equipment and the precision with which it needs to be stored makes Australian Inhibitor’s range of Barrier Foils the ideal packaging medium.

Comprehensive design capability and strong alliances with industrial packaging providers allows us to provide a complete turnkey solution.



The automotive industry, and its many unique and demanding variables have been a cornerstone of the Australian Inhibitor story to date. The industry’s requirements for extended service life, mixed metals, sharp studs, and fast paced production lines lead to a host of technical and custom packaging and protective solutions that we are capable of handling.

As the Automotive Industry in Australian changes, Australian Inhibitor will continue to offer a range of technical solutions across our full range on packaging mediums. We support the vehicle companies directly, alongside their many tiers of supply.



Australian Inhibitor has a strong foundation of collaboration with engineers and workshops locally and internationally. Protecting metal components from corrosion during storage and transportation is an essential investment for any engineering business.

From the simplest of requests to the most complex of projects, employing our vast range of materials and in-depth knowledge we will have the right solution for you. We will work with you to design customised packaging solutions that meet your specific needs and protect your metal components during their entire lifespan. By partnering with Australian Inhibitor, you can rest assured that your metal components will be protected from corrosion damage, reducing your repair and replacement costs, and ultimately improving your bottom line.



Given the fastidious nature of electronic components, they must have exceptional protection during transport and storage to ensure they operate as intended. Our VCI’s can be trusted to protect the electrical conductivity of all your contact points.

Australian Inhibitor’s range of VCI additives will prevent the loss of technically important surface properties of metallic componentry. We also offer military certified ESD Antistatic foil offering physical protection as well as a means of neutralising harmful static electricity.


At Australian Inhibitor, our custom VCI packaging and corrosion protection solutions prioritise protection and functionality. Get in contact with us to organise a consultation to assess which of our anti corrosion packaging solutions is the most appropriate for you. Collaborate with our expert team to ensure that your products are protected during shipping and storage. Whether you’re looking for anti rust packaging, protective customised packaging solutions, or need advice on the best corrosion protection packaging for your business, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate, to book a consultation, or get a quote today!