G15 is a contact corrosion inhibitor for the protection of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It forms highly polar microscopic platelets which produce a unique “fish-scale” structure that lies horizontal to the substrate. This dense layer of overlapping particles provides a virtually impenetrable moisture barrier. The protective film remains soft.

G15 – provides long-term corrosion resistance.

  • Is thermally stable from -40°C to 260°C without cracking, chipping, peeling or sagging.
  • Is thixotropic and therefore will not sag, run-off and is ideal for clean trouble-free application. G15 holds on sharp edges.
  • Is resistant to sunlight. It has been tested for exterior exposure under adverse conditions and has passed such long-term tests without failure.
  • Does not stain metal surfaces. When used over steel, copper, aluminium and their alloys; the coating does not stain under normal conditions of exposure.
  • Has good water displacing properties.
  • Can be used as a general purpose lubricant.
G15200L 200
G1520L 20
G15400G 400g Aerosol

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