Packaging Solutions Drawing 


Not sure how or where to begin packaging and protection of your product? The Australian Inhibitor team is here to assist you with our protective customised packaging solutions. Our decades of experience uniquely poise us to assist any manufacturers, institutions, or businesses in getting their goods from point A to B.

We offer turnkey protective customised packaging solutions by combining regular packaging strategies with VCI solutions. Combining cardboard, timber with foam and VCI products allows goods to remain rigid and protected from the general challenges of distribution whilst additionally protecting from environmental considerations such as moisture contamination and salt. With strong ties to the broader packaging industry, our team can design, source, and supply your complete packaging solution.

We can supply one off prototype packaging through to large production volumes.
We have the tools & equipment required to manufacture your specific design requirements.

Humidity Window


Humidity windows can be attached to packages to determine their internal relative humidity. Users cut a hole in the packaging material, then attach the humidity window in the cut out, before securing tightly with a sealing gasket to ensure no airflow on the patch. Our standard Humidity Windows indicate Relative Humidity at 40% – 80%. Other levels are available on request. The colour adjusts from blue to violet to pink showing the change in the relative humidity inside the packaged item.


At Australian Inhibitor, our custom VCI packaging and corrosion protection solutions prioritise protection and functionality. Get in contact with us to organise a consultation to assess which of our anti corrosion packaging solutions is the most appropriate for you. Collaborate with our expert team to ensure that your products are protected during shipping and storage. Whether you’re looking for anti rust packaging, protective customised packaging solutions, or need advice on the best corrosion protection packaging for your business, we’re here to help. Don’t hesitate, to book a consultation, or get a quote today!