Australian Inhibitor are dedicated the providing a quality product to you the end user. To ensure we provide products that meet our high standards, Australian Inhibitor has invested heavily in an onsite laboratory and a range of specialised equipment. We test our products to ensure they perform not only with respect to our unique additives but also mechanically.

Our team extensively test our products before they are sold. Our specialist equipment provides results measured against relevant ASTM standards. We know our product range sets a benchmark within the industry and we strive to maintain and improve upon the products we offer. Working closely with extruders who are also leaders of their industry we develop a range of multilayer films offering increased strength, improved barrier properties and high-quality seal strength.


Our lab is the home to:

  • Custom built Accelerated corrosion test chambers.
  • A Kreig test chamber, controlling both temperature and humidity.
  • COF Tester, measuring the surface resistance of our films.
  • Impact Testers, providing a clear insight into strength.
  • Large-scale temperature and humidity chambers.
  • Digital Thickness Gauge Force Gauges, providing feedback on tear strength and seal strength.
  • Colour spectrometers.
  • Oxygen and Carbon dioxide probes.

Combined this equipment can show us precisely how our products perform in some of the harshest simulated conditions imaginable.