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Unlocking the Power of VCI Emitters: 5 Questions Answered

Australia has a vast landscape of industries and in these industries, protecting valuable assets from corrosion is a critical concern. In our harsh Australian climate, traditional methods of preventing corrosion sometimes fall short, and that is where Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) Emitters come in. Corrosion inhibitors offer a unique solution to corrosion prevention, and in this month’s blog we explore their applications across Australian sectors, and how they are capable of unlocking new possibilities for industry.

What are VCI Emitters?

VCI Emitters operate on the principle of emitting volatile corrosion inhibitors into the surrounding environment. These inhibitors form a protective layer on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and rust formation. Unlike traditional methods like coatings or oils, VCI emitters provide a non-invasive and continuous protection that is particularly advantageous in dynamic industrial settings.

What are the Applications Across Industries?

Manufacturing: Australian manufacturing industries face constant challenges due to our diverse climatic conditions. VCI emitters prove to be invaluable in protecting metal components throughout production and storage, and this ensures that the end products meet the highest of quality standards.

Mining and Resources: In our resource-rich landscape, mining equipment is continuously exposed to extreme conditions. Products such as VCI emitters play a crucial role in safeguarding critical and expensive machinery, thereby reducing downtime, and helping to extend the lifespan of expensive pieces of equipment in the mining sector.

Transportation: Regardless of if it’s shipping containers, vehicles, or railway components, the transportation sector actually relies on VCI emitters to help to combat the corrosive effects of things like humidity, saltwater, and differing temperatures. This in turn helps to ensure the safety and reliability of this very important industry.

Agriculture: This sector is a cornerstone of the Australian economy, and it also relies heavily upon important machinery and equipment. The is where VCI emitters come in, as they can help in the preservation of the integrity of these agricultural assets and in the prevention of corrosion. This then aids in maintaining the efficiency and safety of agricultural operations.

What are the Advantages of Using VCI emitters?

There are many advantages to utilising VCI emitters, and this makes them a revolutionary solution in corrosion prevention. One of the major benefits of them is that they are a non-invasive solution. They are capable of creating an invisible and protective shield on metal surfaces without the need for direct contact. This means that assets and products can be protected without any impact on their functionality or aesthetic appearance. Another advantage is that VCI emitters are very versatile, and they can combat corrosion in diverse and varying environments. Further, VCI emitters provide a proactive approach as they release volatile inhibitors thus preventing corrosion before it begins. These small and compact emitters are also safe and easy to use, require no special handling, and they are non-toxic. This makes them a terrific option for many uses, including protecting metal utility boxes, toolboxes, gun cabinets, mechanical controls, exposed metal in junction boxes, and electronics and telecommunication equipment.

Where Does Sustainability Come in?

VCI emitters actually have eco-friendly attributes, so they align very well with Australia’s increasing commitment to environmental sustainability. They emit non-toxic inhibitors and this makes them a more environmentally friendly alternative to other traditional corrosion prevention methods. Due to the fact that a myriad of industries are also making sustainability a big priority, VCI emitters are an obvious choice for protecting valuable assets, without compromising environmental priorities and values.

So, What’s the Bottom Line?

VCI emitters are highly effective for use in many different applications, across varying industries. Their protection can last up to 24 months in dry and non-aerated environments, and they are very efficient in protecting steel, copper, zinc, and multi-metal parts. When VCI emitters are affixed to the inside of a metal enclosure, the vapours fill the air space, and this protects the exposed metal surfaces from corrosion. Designed to protect exposed metals in packaging environments and enclosures, they are a simple, user-friendly, and efficient method of protecting metal assets from contaminants that cause corrosion.

Do You Need Corrosion Inhibitors for Your Business?

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